My Trip to Afghanistan

I think sometimes the best kind of books are the ones that destroy you…haunt you or sometimes even hurt to read. I think the best ones are the books whose stories and characters stay with you months or even years after you’ve read their final words. When a story sticks in your mind, it is most likely because it made you feel something-usually a strong emotion or an array of them and that’s when you know you’ve stumbled across a powerful story…one of the best.

This month, I found some of the best. The last two weeks I’ve been lost in Khaled Hosseini’s stories: The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. These two stories took me down streets in Afghanistan, introduced me to people of a different nation, showed me life through a burqa’s slit, gave me a front row seat to the government shifts of Afghanistan, opened my worldview to injustice, and buckled me into a roller coaster of emotions.  These books made me smile, cry and, at times, made me want to scream. I loved them and hated them simultaneously, but believe that every person should read them and experience a life that is worlds away from their own.  These books are beautiful in their atrocity and horrors because there is beauty in understanding. There is beauty in learning and seeing. Through these books I gleaned a deeper sense of understanding and my hope is for you to have a similar revelation.

Learn about his other books here

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