February 10, 2018

About Me

Developing, creating and experiencing are words that drive who I am. Currently, I am a student at the University of Oklahoma studying a mix of Public Relations and Psychology. I am passionate about my studies because of my love for understanding human behavior and designing creative content. From there I enjoy putting ideas into words, bringing stories to life and consulting people with establishing meaningful visions.

My future plans are to pursue a masters degree in Counseling. In addition to my passion for creating content, facilitating human development and personal growth ensues personal fulfillment. I’m excited to learn more about human behaviors and strategies to guide others in processing through the roots of their issues and emotions. In studying counseling, I hope to glean knowledge on how to become a better mentor, daughter, sister and friend.

My passion for counseling has compelled me to serve as Young Life leader for Norman High-School, which is a Christian mentorship program and spend many summers working as a camp counselor at New Life Ranch. Mentoring high-school students is one of my favorite things to do with my spare time.

Another common way I choose to spend my spare time is reading. Reading has always been a hobby of mine. I love how you can travel the world and experience different perspectives while sitting in one place. In the same way the idea of time-travel has fascinated people, I find fascination in a book. A book can take you back in time, forward in time or across the world in the present. A book can take you anywhere and for a person who thrives on experiences, that is everything.

I have designed this blog to help me process through the stories I read, engage fellow readers and invite others to fall in love with reading. I hope you enjoy!

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